Two Fish Hilariously Fight by Spitting Sand on Each Other

Two tropical fish entertained viewers at the Seaside Tropical Fish store by having a humorous, sand-spitting face-off. A blue-spotted jawfish and a diamond watchman goby are in their respective corners of a fish tank but obviously not happy that the other is in their territory.

But it was new behavior for Dawn Dababneh, who works at the California store and has been a fan of fish for 20 years.

“What the heck is going on here?” Dababneh says in the video. “Oh my God, this is so funny.”

The jawfish spits sand out of its burrow only for the goby to come out of its burrow and spit the sand back at the jawfish! The goby also flutters its fins and tail to sweep even more sand. It’s apparent the two are very annoyed at the other’s behavior, even if they’re not fighting for turf.

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