Tiny Yorkie Almost Crushed By Propane Tanks Given A Helping Hand

A tiny, frightened Yorkshire Terrier who sought refuge at a gas station and hid under some propane tanks is now safe thanks to the efforts of Hope For Paws. The California rescue received a call from the station and found the small dog underneath a metal cabinet holding the tanks.

She was wedged in so tightly, that Eldad Hagar had to prop the tanks up so that Loreta Frankonyte could pull her out safely without crushing her!

Sephora was taken to get a nice bath and scanned for a microchip but didn’t have one. Eldad suspected that the friendly dog was a fireworks runaway from the Fourth of July. So for the next week he fostered her while sleuthing online until he luckily found her family!

Watch Sephora’s rescue and reunion in the heartwarming video below.

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