Tiny Dog With Majestic Beard Turns Heads Wherever He Goes

Nuts the Griffon dog is just like any other dog, except for one remarkable feature – his beard.

Griffons are known to sport longer-than-average facial fur, but Nuts’ hair is so remarkable he often turns heads when out with his mom, Tatiana Kovalenok.

As a puppy, he hadn’t fully grown into his beard.

Although his face was already quite furry, it wasn’t until he was around 8 months old that the “beard” began to grow.

“Almost every day when we walk, we get reactions from random people regarding his appearance and his beard,” Kovalenok told the Dodo. “Kids usually say that he’s a ‘funny dog’ or ‘looks like a grandpa.’”


“Older people always mention him as a stylish dog, saying something like, ‘Look at the [mustache] and beard he has!’ Some people call him hipster or even Chewbacca.”

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Nuts loves a good bath and to play in the water.

And he loves treats.


Now his beard is mostly au naturel, requiring very little maintenance.


“We used to trim his beard short before, as I thought that it was too long and made him look older than he actually was,” Kovalenok said. “Now we just trim him a couple times a year and let the beard be. There’s no special treatment for his beard — it just grows as it is.”



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