Kind-Hearted Teen Stands Guard For Police Officer While She Pumps Gas

When a Texas teenager provided “backup” for a law officer pumping gas alone in the rain near Houston, she snapped a selfie of the two of them. That photo and the story behind it has gone viral.

Just days after Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth was shot in the back of the head at a gas station after filling up his police car, teenager McKinley Zoellner noticed Deputy Constable Tommi Jones Kelley filling up her vehicle at another Harris County gas pump. The teen knew he wanted to do something to lend a hand and walked over to her.

Kelley was initially alarmed when the teen first approached her, not sure of his intentions. But as soon as he asked her if he could watch her back while she pumped her gas, she relaxed and asked him why. He answered, “to make sure you stay safe!”

Kelley was so impressed by the kind-hearted teen that she snapped a selfie of the two and shared it on Facebook.

teen helps cop

Photo credit: Facebook

“You shouldn’t be afraid to get gas or have your hand on your hip when you get gas,” Deputy Kelley told KHOU-TV. “So when you have someone that is so young and mature and thoughtful, and came up to help, I was very impressed with him.”

For his part McKinley is amazed by all the attention his action is receiving. “If I ever get the opportunity again, I’d do it without hesitation,” he told CNN. “It’s something I would do no matter what. I’ve had tons of my friends telling me that was a great thing you did and I’m just like you all can do it too…anybody can do it. I want everyone to.”

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