Stray Dog Acts As Crossing Guard To Help Kids Cross Busy Street

A small dog seen helping school children cross a busy intersection is winning hearts after video of him protecting the tiny pedestrians from unruly drivers appeared on social media.

Beqa Tsinadze was observing the street below him in his hometown of Batumi, Georgia when he spotted the dog. A group of kids were waiting for cars to stop so they could safely cross at the crosswalk, but a few rude drivers continued to drive through. That’s when a little black and white dog appears and takes charge of the situation.

Assuming the role of crossing guard, the dog barks at several passing cars and even chases after one or two of them as if warning them to slow down. He then returns to cross walk to usher the children across safely.

Watch the dog in action in the video below:

It turns out the dog’s actions were not a one time thing either. Tsinadze shared another video showing the protective dog do exactly the same thing on another day.

According to local media, the street dog arrived in the neighborhood a few years ago and has been informally “adopted” by neighbors in the community. TV25 News indicated that the dog has several names and he is regularly fed and sheltered. It seems that the dog has made it his job to look after the youngsters in neighborhood he now calls home. And by his actions, the neighborhood is the better for it.

Note The news video below is spoken in Georgian language.

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