Stray Dog Realizes Rescuers Are There To Help So She Brings Out Her Friend

A German Shepherd was seen living in the woods of Echo Lake Park in Fort Worth, Texas, for a few weeks when a woman arrived to save her. The dog had proved difficult to catch as she would run away if anyone got too close.

But Judy Obregon, founder of the animal rescue The Abandoned Ones (TAO), knew time was a factor and was determined to save the dog.

“I knew it was extremely urgent to capture her,” Obregon wrote. “Gaining trust began [with] studying her every move.”

“At first, once she saw my truck she’d run,” she wrote. “Every morning I’d go to feed her.”

Then one morning, Judy showed up and the dog was there waiting for her. “I knew we were close [to rescuing her].”

That’s when the German Shepherd surprised Obregon.

The Abandoned Ones

The dog went into the woods and brought out a friend – a frightened Pit bull with scars all over his face.

The Abandoned Ones

“She made it a point: If you take me, you take my friend, too!” Judy said.

The Abandoned Ones

Obregon doesn’t know how the two dogs ended up together (but the area is a notorious dog dumping ground), but she could tell that the German Shepherd was protecting the Pit Bull and wasn’t going to leave without him.

The Abandoned Ones

Obregon named the German Shepherd Iris and the Pit Bull Clover.

The Abandoned Ones

Both got the all-clear from heartworm and she is now looking for a suitable foster home for the two dogs.

The Abandoned Ones

Iris and Clover are much less timid and are beginning to relax now that they are in safe hands.

“I said the same thing to her every day for her to know my voice and trust that one day her life would change,” Judy said on Facebook. “It’s all so rewarding when we can change the fear they have into a smile.”

If you can help foster the pair or would like to find out more about TAO and their rescue efforts visit their website.