Strangers Help Parents Track Down Their Newborn Baby’s Kidnapper

Talk about the power of social media! One family is thanking the quick spreading of a photo of their newborn baby’s kidnapper with reuniting them with their child just a few hours later.

Melissa McMahon and Simon Boisclais had just welcomed their baby girl Victoria into the world when they began living a real-life nightmare. A woman dressed like a nurse entered the hospital and took their baby, telling them the infant needed a routine test. But, in fact, the woman had kidnapped baby Victoria.

The hospital notified police and Melissa and Simon shared photos of their baby and the woman on Facebook. Soon, the images began appearing everywhere on the news and on social media. The photos came to the attention of Melizanne Begeron and a few friends, who wanted to help search for the baby. It was when one of the friends looked at the photos more closely and that something amazing happened…

Watch the video for the rest of this remarkable story and the happy ending the family was praying for. Please share this story with your friends and family!

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