Squirrel Poses Adorably With Tiny Umbrella On A Rainy Day

Max Ellis doesn’t just take photos of squirrels, he takes ones of squirrels posing with tiny umbrellas on a rainy day, which makes them the cutest pictures of squirrels ever! The London photographer snapped the adorable pictures with a little bit of ingenuity and patience.

He set up the tiny umbrella first by hanging it from a fishing line in his garden. Then he coated the umbrella’s handle in sunflower seeds and peanut butter to lure the critters over.

One curious squirrel braved the annoying rain and came over to check the umbrella out. That’s when Max was able to snap these delightful shots! Try not to smile!






These charming photographs are republished on Reshareworthy.com with permission from Max Ellis.

You can see more of Max’s photography on his website and Instagram.

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