Sportscaster Sees His Dogs Playing And Broadcasts Hilarious Commentary

Deprived of any live sports to comment on sports commentator Andrew Cotter has focused his attention on his two dogs with hilarious results.

Cotter usually broadcasts sports for the BBC including Wimbledon and the Olympics. But during the coronavirus pandemic his two labradors, Olive and Mabel, are filling in.

He’s recorded Olive (older and the black one) and Mabel (the beige one) eating and playing along with his “blow-by-blow” commentary. Both videos went viral and have provided millions of people with a well-needed laugh in troubled times.

Cotter posted the first video because he was “bored” and wrote, “I usually broadcast actual sport: The Olympics, Wimbledon, The Masters, 6 Nations, that sort of thing. But sport has disappeared for a while, so here instead are Olive and Mabel eating their breakfast.”

The “great rivals but great friends” would then meet in a battle over an orange rubber bone. This “sport” took on much higher stakes than breakfast. Cotter hadn’t planned on sharing a second video but said “the ongoing lack of the actual sports events I commentate on can change a man.”

It’s a “game of bones” that is as funny as it is intense. Olive has control of the rubber bone, but Mabel isn’t going to give up without a fight.

“So into the final minute and Olive in possession – but this is where Mabel is strong, chasing the game, using that intensity,” Cotter begins. Olive’s steady glare is one “built on patience and sheer belief.” Will she get the toy? Which dog will earn the title of “very good dog?” Watch the hilarious video below:

The videos immediately went viral (with an assist from actor Ryan Reynolds, who retweeted one of the videos) but Cotter is quick to point out that his dogs are unaware of their newfound fame.

“They have no idea what’s going on in the world or that they are being laughed at in many countries. In fact they have little clue about anything at the best of times, but anyone who has a dog knows how important they are just now,” Cotter tweeted.

Instead, the pair continue on with their daily routine, which includes lots of snoozing on the couch. Cotter also shared a short but sweet video of the pair in pre-covid days enjoying hikes, swims and adventures with their dad.

“Let sleeping dogs lie, without commentary. Or dignity,” Cotter tweeted. “But at the moment everyone needs their escape.”

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