Animal Shelter Makes Special Living Room For Dogs To Relax In

A shelter in Ohio has created a special room to help their homeless dogs relax and prepare them for a real home. “The Real Life Room” at the Toledo Area Humane Society is decorated to look and feel like a living room. The space is quite a contrast to the usual kennel  space for shelter dogs.

The shelter staff took an office and converted it into a makeshift living room with a comfy chair, a rug, some pillows, a crate, a TV and a standing lamp. There’s even a sign on the wall reads “All You Need is Love and a Dog”. For the dogs, the only thing (the most important thing) missing is a family to love them.

“Jake our long stay dog putting our Real- Life room to use,” Toledo Area Humane Society wrote on Facebook, posting a picture of him relaxing in the room. “He is definitely enjoying the quiet, calm environment.”

The room allows dogs to get a break from the noisy, bright and cramped kennels. It’s a space where they can relax with a shelter volunteer in a more normal, human setting.

The Real Life Room also lets dogs de-stress and allows their real personalities to shine through. Apparently, the room is already working its magic and several dogs have been adopted shortly after staying in the room. It’s exactly what the shelter wants to see happen!

Jake’s recent stay appears to have paid off. The staff favorite finally found his forever family shortly after he was pictured in the room.

It’s a fantastic idea, and one I hope more shelters will introduce. You can find out more about the adoptable pets at Toledo Area Humane Society at their website.

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