Senior Dog Abandoned On Woman’s Lawn With Heartbreaking Note

A woman found a 13-year-old Dachshund mix on her lawn with a handwritten note attached to her.

“I hope whoever gets this [will] please take care of my dog,” the note said. “I love her so much, but I don’t have time for her … I wish I didn’t have to do this, but I have four kids and no time for her.”

The woman in Fayetteville, Georgia, knew she had to do something to help the dog named Reese.

Royal Animal Refuge

She posted details of the dog to a private Facebook page and it came to the attention of Royal Animal Refuge.

Royal Animal Refuge

The local rescue group was very upset by the situation but also pragmatic, understanding some people get into desperate situations and make poor choices.

“One of our animal control facilities does not take surrenders, so it makes it very hard when you can’t find a rescue, and you don’t have anywhere to go,” Mariel Weigand, shelter director for Royal Animal Refuge, told The Dodo.

Royal Animal Refuge

Weigand asked one of their veteran foster carers, Robyn Klein, if she’d would take Reese until they found her a home. Klein agreed. Actually her mother, Suzy Reeves, agreed because the moment she saw Reese she knew she wanted to be the one to foster her. Reeves had recently lost her own dog so was happy to take Reese home to care for her.

Royal Animal Refuge

And then something wonderful happened. Reeves decided to adopt Reese permanently.

Royal Animal Refuge

The little dog is already being spoiled with love and attention and loving her new home – a happy outcome for a situation that could have ended so differently.

If you would like to support the Royal Animal Refuge visit their website and share Reese’s story with your friends and family.

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