Rescue Dog Barks For 5 Hours To Get Help For Her Injured 92-Year-Old Owner

Sassy the Chihuahua only barks when the doorbell rings. But she had another reason to bark recently when her 92-year-old owner, Marie Alexander, fell outside and couldn’t get up. Marie saved Sassy from a shelter and since that time Sassy goes everywhere she goes, including going outside to get the mail.

That proved to be a life-saving routine for Marie when she was outside getting the mail when she twisted her ankle and fell down. She couldn’t get up by herself and thought no would ever find her because she fell behind her fence and bushes. But Sassy began to bark for help. She barked for 5 hours straight! She even ran to passing cars to try and get someone’s attention. Finally, after hours of trying, a couple who were walking by, noticed Sassy and ended up finding Marie.

Marie had bruised ribs, bug bites and was dehydrated from being out in the sun for so long, but she’s on the mend and back at home thanks to her Sassy!

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