Salvation Army Worker Finds Dog Abandoned Inside Bag of Donations

A dog is lucky to be alive after being found in a garbage bag donated to the Salvation Army.

Jason Cooke is with The Healthy Hearts and Paws Project in Ohio received word about the discovery of the dog and rescued her.

He wrote on Facebook:

“I just picked this poor girl up at a Salvation Army in Warren, OH…one of the workers was unloading donations and noticed a trash bag moving…when he opened up the bag he discovered it was a dog…since he found her, I asked him to name her, which he did…so say hello to #Daisy everyone…we are off to the vet because she has some serious skin issues going on…”

Daisy is around four to six years old and the vet determined she has flea allergy dermatitis but is otherwise in good health.

Cooke says Daisy is available for adoption. Anyone interested can contact Cooke via the Healthy Hearts and Paws Project Facebook page.

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