Retired Military Dogs Find New Homes Thanks To This Navy SEAL

Military dogs often return from service without a home. Many are broken and damaged, suffering from the human equivalent of PTSD.

But the lucky ones end up with Mike Ritland of the Warrior Dog Foundation in Texas, who works to rehabilitate the dogs and find them forever homes.

Generally speaking, retired military dogs are adopted by their handler. But the dogs that don’t find homes when they return from service are probably euthanized. When Mike learned that, he stepped in and said he would take them.

The Warrior Dog Foundation ensures the dog don’t get euthanized and don’t get forgotten. He said the dogs contribute so much for society, that they shouldn’t be forgotten.

“It’s important for us they never get forgotten, and I think a lot of times they do get forgotten,” he said.

Watch as Mike explains more about what Warrior Dog Foundation does and see how they change the lives of these dogs.