Terrifying Moment Retired Couple Nearly Swept Away By Waves

This video is a powerful reminder to always be aware of the tide when by the water, especially during a storm. An elderly couple learned this lesson the hard way when they were struck by powerful waves that almost swept them out to sea.

They were visiting Porsguen beach in Portsall, France and went to the shoreline to get a closer look at the stormy sea. Another man was also on the beach, walking the opposite direction when a giant wave struck the older man, knocking him down and pulling him towards the open sea.

As his wife and the other man tried to help they too were buffeted by waves.

The person filming the terrifying incident was elderly and disabled, and could not aid the others. Moments after the video ends a fourth man, identified by news media as Eric Roudaut, ran to the beach to help the trio. He told reporters the retired couple were in the water for more than 10 minutes before they reached safety.

The three people were treated in hospital following the incident and their injuries are luckily not serious.

Experts advise anyone who witnesses a similar emergency not to attempt to go into the water after them. There’s a good chance that you would be swept out yourself. Instead, immediately call emergency services for help.

They were all so lucky! This is an important safety reminder for anyone visiting a beach, whether it is with your family or walking with your dog, always be careful of the sea in winter weather and stay a safe distance away from the shoreline.

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