Rescuers Come Up With Ingenious Way To Save Feral Cats By Giving Them Jobs

With 3.4 million cats entering animal shelters every year, almost half never make it out. But an animal rescue group in Spokane, Washington is trying to change that. SpokAnimal has set up a unique shelter relocation program for feral cats.

They take the cats that would normally be deemed “unadoptable” as house pets and pair them with farms, warehouses and other properties where the cats have a very important job – rodent management.

The cats are up-to-date on their vaccinations, and are spayed and neutered before they head out to their caring homes/workplaces. The program has been so successful that SpokAnimal now rescues cats from all over the country. They are also happy to help shelters in other parts of the country develop similar programs.

Watch the full video of this animal rescue’s innovative Farm Livin’ initiative below. And share this story with your family and friends!

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