Newly-Adopted Shelter Dog Saves Swimmers From Dangerous Riptide

Rescued from a shelter just a few months ago, Nico the Bernese Mountain Dog decided to pay it forward and rescued two California beachgoers after they got swept up in dangerous riptides at a California Beach. Nico was walking on Ventura Beach with his new dad, Dan Clarke, on March 19, 2015, when they came across the couple in trouble in the water.

A woman was about 100 yards from the beach with her boogie board when she became caught in a rip tide. Her husband swam out to help her, but he became caught as well. They both were calling out for help. Dan, a lifeguard when he was younger, knew he had to do something to help them. But Nico swept by him and swam out to the woman.

Clarke told KTLA5 that Nico turned his body around to let the woman grab him. She put her arm around Nico’s chest (and her other around her boogie board) and he pulled her back to land. Nico then went back and helped the husband get back to shore too!

Dan was shocked by his newly-adopted dog’s actions. He said that it was the first time he’s seen Nico do something like that. Dan and his wife adopted Nico from the animal shelter 2 months ago, and he did think Nico had any ocean experience at all. But he believes the dog’s actions were pure instinct. One thing for sure, Nico is a newly-minted hero!

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