This Is The Super Bowl Commercial That Has Everyone Talking

Different doesn’t quite describe Mountain Dew’s first Super Bowl commercial in 16 years. It opens with three guys in front of the television taking it easy when a Puppy-Monkey-Baby walks in. The odd computer-generated creature has a baby’s bottom half (wearing a diaper), a monkey top half and a pug head. The strangeness is to advertise Mountain Dew’s carbonated drink containing grape juice, caffeine and Dew.

The ad has had many scratching their heads. Some media channels are reporting that the commercial actually scared viewers, with people tweeting that the ad was “disturbing”. One person tweeted, “puppies are cute, monkeys are cute, babies are cute, this is horrid.”

One thing is for certain, it’s been successful in getting people to talk about it! You can watch the strangeness below and let us know what you think!

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