Puppy And Dog Play Most Adorable Game of Hide And Seek

Two doggie pals are making dog lovers smile with their adorable game of hide and seek. The two dogs are seen ducking in, out and around two couches in a room. The puppy peeks around the couch several times trying to see where his friend is so he can either chase after him or continue to hide.

As they switch who’s hiding and who’s seeking, you can tell these guys are great friends.

The adorable clip has earned plenty of praise:

“Can’t stop laughing at these guys. They keep changing who is the seeker. That little one is a sparky ‘lil bugger.”

“I showed this to my father and he non stop laughed through out the whole video. Made my day!”

“That’s expert level. That’s awesome.”

Click on the image below to play the video if it doesn’t automatically start.

Some pro hide and seek from r/aww

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