Puppies Found Alive 5 Days After Deadly Avalanche Lifts Rescuers’ Spirits

Rescue crews continue to search for survivors after a hotel in Italy was buried by an avalanche on January 18, 2017. The destructive avalanche hit the Rigopiano Hotel and nearly two dozen people went missing.

Vigili del Fuoco

But the discovery of three Abruzzo sheepdog puppies found inside the destroyed hotel’s boiler room has sparked the hope that people may still be alive.

Vigili del Fuoco

The puppies survived because of air pockets in the ruins, firefighters told reporters.

Vigili del Fuoco

The puppies were all healthy, and video taken by the rescue crew shows how finding the puppies has bolstered the firefighters’ spirits. One firefighter told Quotidiano that finding the puppies was “a little ray of sunshine”.

Vigili del Fuoco

So far, 14 people have been confirmed dead, 11 have survived and 15 are still missing.

As for the puppies’ parents, they miraculously survived. The dogs, (Cloud) and Lupo (Wolf), were swept away by the avalanche but managed to reach the nearby village of Villa Cupoli safe and sound.

Lupo e Nuvola, i pastori abruzzesi nati e cresciuti all'Hotel Rigopiano, non so come, sono riusciti a raggiungere la mia…

Posted by Martina Rossi on Thursday, January 19, 2017

Video of rescue crews saving the puppies can be viewed below.

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