Police Dog Enthusiastically Performs CPR On Police Officer In Viral Video

A police dog in Spain showed off some impressive CPR skills in a video that’s going viral worldwide.

Police in Madrid taught Poncho how to perform CPR on a patient and demonstrated his life-saving (and adorable) skill on his handler. The video shows Poncho pounding on the chest of his handler and placing his year by the man’s neck to detect whether he is breathing.

At the end, Poncho received a well-deserved treat.

His performance is impressive but a police spokesman said that he was trained to do it for educational purposes only, and not for use in the field. “Poncho was trained to do this number for school visits. He doesn’t actually know how to perform CPR,” said Madrid police spokesman Fernando Rodriguez.

The video has had more than 2.5m views after it was posted online.

If you have trouble viewing the video above, here’s the Twitter version that went viral.

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