Pit Bull Pretends To Faint To Avoid Getting Her Nails Clipped

If there was an award for “Best Acting By A Dog To Avoid Grooming” then this lovable Pit Bull would take top prize. The dog named Ginger showed off her dramatic talent in a video that is making its rounds on the Internet.

In it, Ginger can be sitting in front of a young woman. She is very well behaved but starts to look a little bit wary about what is going to happen when she presents her with the nail clippers. She asks for her paw but she needs some convincing to comply. In fact, the woman has to lift Ginger’s paw because she refuses to budge.

She must know what’s coming because as soon as she starts clipping, she continues to look highly skeptical about the whole thing. And then it occurs to her that there may just be a way to opt out of the uncomfortable nail clipping – she can pretend to faint. Dramatically rolling her eyes and slowly falling backwards, Ginger ends up on her back with her legs hilariously splayed in the air.

In case you think she might be actually be fainting, Ginger has her eyes open the entire time and gives dad (the cameraman) a side eye, as if hinting to him that he’s ruining his act.

The video was posted to Reddit and then Twitter and has garnered over 9 million views. It seems Ginger may not be fooling anyone, but everyone loves her performance.

Take a look at the hilarious video below:

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