21 Stunning Photographs Of Dogs, Cats And Horses Capture The Animals’ Souls

Animals make very interesting subjects to photograph if you can get them to sit still and smile. This isn’t a problem for photographer Rob Bahou, who takes beautiful close-ups of dogs, cats and horses. But it’s not that simple either. “It’s not easy working with animals, especially when trying to get them to do the three things I need for a photo (mouth closed, sitting still, looking at at the lens),” Rob explains.

His portrait project, Animal Soul, began when a friend of his asked if he could try and photograph her black cat. Rob told Reshareworthy.com, “I took the challenge, and although the photos didn’t come out great, there was one photo between them all where the cat was looking right at me, and I saw a soul that I didn’t expect to see.”

That photo got the project started and he contacted friends and asked if he could take photographs of their dogs and cats.

Based out of Amsterdam and Amman, Rob is looking for new subjects to photograph and hopes to expand his animal portraits from pets to big cats: leopards, jaguars, cheetahs, tigers, lions etc. He adds, “But domesticated animals are great too.”

Rob knows “that I am capturing animals in a way that surprises and intrigues people.”

Scuba, the tabby with the dissatisfied smirk.


One of the most memorable animals he’s worked with is a cat named Scuba. The cat is tough and independent. “He sometimes disappears for days and is spotted on the other side of Amsterdam but he finds is way home eventually,” says Rob. “With most cats you just need to be lucky and hope you get a photo, but with Scuba after about twenty minutes of trying, it seemed to just click. He sat still, looked me straight in the lens and waited for me to finish what I was doing before he moved and looked away. I had dozens of usable shots, and ultimately the one I chose is definitely one of the most memorable of them all. ”

Ilona, a very easy-going gal.


Lissie, a nervous 10 month old Pug.


Gin, a wonderfully grumpy Persian cat. One of Rob’s favorite subjects.


Hurko, a deaf Dalmatian who responds to sign language.


Katsuo (aka the Sensei)


Louai, is a rare blue-eyed Arabian horse.


Avalon, the wise Swiss Shepherd.


A Bernese Mountain pup.


Tartufo, a shy black cat.


Owen the Siberian Husky with the heterochromic eyes.


Fluffy yawning. She was a little tired when this photo was taken.


Trisha, the diva.


Jolly Jennifer.


Maffalda, a Moroccan street dog turned into a loving pet.


Nikky with the green eyes and Mona Lisa smile.


Myra the West Highland Terrier with an attitude.


Kareem, a serious two year old Arabian horse.


Duck Tolling Retriever family is nearly all smiles.


Scott, a two-year-old husky ready for his duty.


Django the friendly cross-eyed Pitbull.

Rob-Bahou-5Photographs published on Reshareworthy.com  with permission from Rob Bahou.

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Rob Bahou also has a book – Animal Soul – with a collection of his spectacular images available through Amazon.

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