Huge Number Of People Show Up To Help Dogs Displaced By Hurricane

When a North Carolina animal shelter put out the call for help to evacuate the homeless animals as Hurricane Florence touched down, people answered.

Ali Standish was one among many who arrived to pick up a dog to foster for the weekend and was stunned by the line up.

The North Carolina resident shared a post on Twitter of just how many people were lined up outside of Saving Grace. “The line of folks waiting to pick up foster dogs for the weekend so coastal shelters can evacuate here before #HurricanceFlorence. Many more behind me. Sometimes humans are okay,” she tweeted.

Saving Grace, like many shelters along the North Carolina, asked for help to ensure shelter space would be available for pets displaced by the storm.

Standish ended up taking in a puppy named Floyd, for the weekend. Floyd joins her other two dogs, whom she rescued — one of which from Saving Grace.

She shared some adorable pictures of Floyd with her other dogs, making themselves comfortable.

She received accolades from people all over the world, but she pointed out she was just one of many.

“The real people to thank are the amazing staff and volunteers at Saving Grace for coordinating this operation! Because of them, so many dogs will have a safe place to weather the storm,” she tweeted.

She wasn’t the only one sharing pictures of their furry houseguests. All-in-all 124 Saving Grace dogs were evacuated.

Saving Grace NC

Saving Grace took advantage of the time to prepare for the hurricane. “Grateful to those who opened their home to Saving Grace dogs! Some evacuated from shelters, some with us prior to the storm, all in need. A quiet day today to deep clean and prepare for displaced dogs. A small shelter but huge presence making a difference in many lives.”

They later added, “We are so grateful to our community for supporting us this week as we have saved dogs from shelters to make room for dogs displaced by the storm,” the shelter says in a statement. “We have assisted with multiple hurricanes and disasters in the past, but this one is hitting especially close to home. We need your support not only to care for the dogs we have taken in this week but those who are to come after Florence’s devastation. We are prepared to help where needed and look forward to providing love, medical care, supplies and safety to dogs in critical need in the weeks to come.”









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