Beagle Needing To Shed 60 Pounds Is Excited Every Time He Sees A Leash

A beagle named Wolfgang was 90 pounds when Erin and Chad welcomed him to their home in 2019. He was roughly 70% heavier than he should be for his size and breed and ideally should have weighed somewhere around 25 to 30 pounds. The poor dog was seriously overweight and his health was in danger as a result.

Wolfgang was found as a stray in the middle of summer in Phoenix, Arizona; his previous life a mystery. But despite being only able to walk a few feet and being abandoned, Wolfgang had a happy disposition.

One thing Erin and Chad noticed right away was that Wolfgang would get really excited when he saw the leash to take him out on a walk. So the pair knew he was eager to get better!

As he began his exercise regime, he always had the desire to do more, but was content with doing what he could. And as he shed the pounds, he gained more mobility. One big milestone for Wolfgang was when he could fit through the doggie door just like the other dogs in the house. “He was so proud,” Erin told the Dodo.

After lots of effort, a special diet and a “can do” attitude, Wolfgang could walk a mile just six months. And as he lost weight, Wolfgang’s tail began to appear from under the fat. Erin joked that Wolfgang’s tail kept getting longer the more weight he lost.

Two years later? Wolfgang is a whole new dog!

Wolfgang is loving his life now and he has family that have had similar experiences to him. Wolfgang’s doggie family members have also had their weight loss struggles. Andre used to be 70 pounds! At 13 years old he’s almost blind and completely deaf but still manages to jump on the counters to steal sandwiches. And Paddy was 58 pounds when he first came home. But he’s doing much better now despite having damaged knees from his previous life.

As for Wolfgang, he has come a long way since he bowled himself over playing with Andre on his first day home. He now weighs a wonderful 32 pounds!

And as for Wolfgang’s tail? It’s so long now it doesn’t even fit in a picture!

Wolfgang recently celebrated his second adoption anniversary with his family and we couldn’t be happier for him!

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