Sick Orphaned Lamb Learns to Walk With Canvas Bag And Lots Of Love

Soda Pop was unable to walk when she arrived at Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary in Australia and they honestly didn’t think she would last the night. The lamb was just a few days old and was born with deformed legs. But Soda Pop was so determined to live so her rescuers were so determined to help her. They tried splints first but she reacted badly to them. That’s when founder Pam Ahern came up with a simpler solution that would help Soda Pop stand upright and help her build strength in her legs.

By simply using a canvas tote bag and cutting some holes in it, she hoisted Soda Pop onto her legs and the little lamb could stand up. In just a few days, the little lamb couldn’t wait to get into her makeshift harness and go exploring. And wait until you see what she does after one week!

Pam says, “Her wonderful story is an important reminder that our greatest glories lie not in falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

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