Officer Protects Turtle Crossing The Road In Rain Storm, So Couple Decide To Help

A Maryland police officer stood in the pouring rain to protect a turtle from being run over. Photos of her kindness have gone viral after Caroylyn Hammett and her husband stopped to help and shared the photos on Facebook.

Caroylyn B. R. Hammett /Facebook

Hammett was confused at what the officer was doing at first, thinking that perhaps the officer was indicating the sudden downpour was flooding the road. But when they got closer they could see she was standing over something.

That’s when they noticed it was a snapping turtle, and that the officer had a huge smile on her face.

Hammett’s husband rushed to bring the Greenbelt officer an umbrella and they used shovels to help scoop up the turtle and move it to a wooded area on the other side of the street, Fox 5 News reported.

Caroylyn B. R. Hammett /Facebook

“The officer was soaking wet and continued to have a gorgeous smile on her face,” Hammett told FOX 5. “It was quite a beautiful experience.”

It turns out Master Police Officer Sharnise Hawkins was leaving an Honor Guard detail at a local ceremony and didn’t have a shovel or other means to move the snapping turtle to the other side. It was also a wise choice not to pick up the snapping turtle with her bare hands, as the creatures are known for their ferocious bite.

The Greenbelt City Police Department later wrote, “Master Police Officer Hawkins stopped to help a large snapping turtle cross the road after leaving a Honor Guard detail at the Naturalization Ceremony yesterday. A great big thank you to the Hammetts for stopping to help out! As for the turtle, he made it across the road safely.”

City of Greenbelt

Last year, Hawkins-Graham received recognition for her service to the community and was named the Greenbelt Police Officer of the Year by the city. It seems she’s continuing to provide excellent protection to the town’s citizens, even those with four legs.