Elusive Stray Dog Finally Caught When Rescuers Find Her 9 Newborn Puppies

When rescuers from Take Me Home Pet Rescue first saw Norah, she was lying lifeless in the grass. They thought she might be dead until she lifted her head. People in the area said they had been feeding the stray dog for years and that she had been living in a drainage ditch.

Over the next few weeks, the rescue tried to catch her but she would always run away, leaving her would-be rescuers holding their breath as she darted back and forth across busy roads. Then one day, they noticed she was much thinner and they realized she must have just given birth to puppies! They had observed that she liked to hang out near a church and that’s where they found her nine puppies!

They set up a trap to try and catch Norah by putting her puppies in the cage and it worked! Soon Norah and her puppies were safe in a foster home and off the streets!

All of Norah’s puppies were adopted into wonderful homes and Norah adjusted quickly to being a family dog and loves to sleep in a bed every night.

Take Me Home Pet Rescue hopes Norah’s story will help people realize she wasn’t really a “feral” dog and hope they are inspired to take action to stop and help dogs they see on the streets.

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Norah’s story reminds me a lot of Hero’s, the stray dog who lead rescuers to a mother and her pups!

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