Neighbors Instantly Regret Taunting Dogs With Drone

Neighbors thought it would be funny to taunt these dogs with a drone would be funny, but they got exactly what they deserved instead.

Flying drones has become a popular recreational activity, but there are a number of increasing incidents of unwelcome activities involving the flying devices. So is it any wonder that the unmanned aircrafts are getting into trouble? In this short clip, a drone is seen hovering over a fence of a backyard above three dogs. That is until the biggest dog leaps into the air and snatches it. Serves them right!

Let’s taunt the neighbor’s dog with our new drone! wCGW? from Whatcouldgowrong

This reminds me of a similar incident not long ago where a neighbor terrorized a dog for months with his drone. In a harrowing turn of events, the man sued the dog owner for damages, but ended up getting what was coming to him instead. You can read how that story turned out here.

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