Neighbor Who Terrorized Dog For Months Gets What’s Coming To Him

A dog owner shared a harrowing story of a dispute with his neighbor that ended up in court after his dog was repeatedly harassed by a drone.

redditor DeadDrone999 shared his personal experience after a neighbor harassed his dog in his backyard for months with a drone, only to end up suing him.

The man said his neighbor had been flying his drone low in his backyard and teasing his dog and almost getting close enough to hit him, and although he had asked the neighbor repeatedly to stop, the neighbor refused and told him that he “doesn’t own the air” above his yard. Although the man called police, and police told the neighbor to stop in order to avoid conflict, the neighbor continued to tease his dog.

Then one day, the man’s dog finally managed to catch and destroy it. His neighbor ended up “pounding on my door screaming obscenities and shouting at me”. He claimed that the drone was $900 and that “I had to pay him right then and there. I refused and closed the door in his face.”

Police later showed up to retrieve the drone and from there things escalated. After the incident was resolved, the redditor shared the full story:

Neighbor Sued Me After Harassing My Dog for Months, Lost Horribly from ProRevenge

What a dramatic story! It’s so unfortunate that this man has such an inconsiderate neighbor. Several people expressed concern that the neighbor may retaliate against his dog in some way.

But the redditor updated his account and wrote, “He is also banned from flying over my property, and I installed trail cams front and back yards just in case. He seems pretty upset with me, so I wanted to be careful.”

Here’s his update in full:

Update – Dog Ate Neighbor’s Drone from legaladvice

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