Naughty Dog Wants to Stop For Coffee Break

Roscoe is a Dachshund who enjoys a relaxing afternoon people watching at the neighborhood cafe.

So when his mom decided not to stop there recently, he adorably protested.

His mom described why Roscoe showed off his stubborn streak by writing:

“This is me at lunchtime taking a walk in Bridgend, Wales, walking past Costa coffee. Roscoe my dog wanted to stop for a coffee and a chill-out. He sometimes goes there with me and on this occasion, wanted to stop, although I wasn’t stopping that day.”

Mom might not have been stopping, but Roscoe sure was! Watch his funny way of communicating what he wants in the video below.

Says mom of Roscoe, “He always throws himself to the floor to get his own way. I normally have to carry him away. This time he walked but only after I pretended to walk away.”

Coffee break will have to wait until another day, Roscoe!

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