Mom Hangs On Tight to Her Two Girls Dangling Off Ski Chairlift In Harrowing Video

A mother and her daughters had a scary ride on a ski chair lift after the two girls slipped out of the chair and were held from falling by mom clinging onto them with one arm!

Adam Browning, who was riding in the chairlift in front of them, filmed the harrowing ordeal at Perfect North Slopes in Indiana.

Browning said, “The whole time, the lady’s kind of, you know, yelling for help.” Help came when rescue team from the resort arrived just in time to catch one of the girls dangling off the chair.

The staff held a large red tarp below the chair, and the girl fell 25 feet and was caught safely. The other girl was able to pull herself back into the chair.

What a close call! I’m glad the family escaped unscathed from what could have been a terrible accident.

You can watch the entire clip Browning filmed below.