Men Hike For Hours In Middle Of The Night To Save Dog In Desperate Need

Two men hiked for over six hours to a remote mountain village to save a puppy’s life.

Sean McCormack and his friend Ross Tweedie knew there was a puppy needing help after a hiker posted a picture to Facebook. The pair knew they needed to get to the puppy quickly.

They began hiking at 3 a.m. to save the dog trapped hours away in the Thai village that had no road access.

They were hoping the dog would still be there when they arrived. They found Sandy huddled under a chair – the puppy placed his head in Sean’s lap for comfort.

The poor puppy had severely injured front paw from a hunters’ leg-hold trap. He was already missing his other front paw due to the same accident.

The puppy was so happy they were there. It’s as if he knew they were there to help him.

Sean, who founded, Animal Care Trust, didn’t want to let Sandy down and shared the rest of Sandy’s rescue story on video.

Sean updated everyone on Facebook. “The sweet little dog will soon have his professionally made prosthetic legs, which our vet is ordering from the US,” he wrote. “We can’t wait! But, for now, he’s very happy, much loved by Bob Chau, and, apart from missing two front feet, he’s very healthy.”