Married Police Officer’s Photo Goes Viral And So Does Her Message

A Texas police officer’s photo on Facebook has gone viral for the story behind the picture. Brittany Beard Hilton is a an officer with the Bridge City Police Department. She posted the photo on February 26, although she took it back on Thanksgiving. The photo is of Brittany sitting next to her husband, Steven Hilton, who just so happens to be a Texas police officer too.


Photo credit: Brittany Beard Hilton

She wrote a heartfelt message with the photo:

“All you may see in this photo is two smiling police officers. But there is more. We are husband and wife, parents to four beautiful girls, we are a son and a daughter, a Brother and sister, a grandson and granddaughter, a Niece and nephew. (Steven is also an army veteran). We are friends to many. Before you say hateful things and put all officers in a category…remember we are all individuals attached to a delicate thin blue line. We are attacked daily and getting killed just for putting on a badge. You voice your opinion, and rally against law enforcement over tickets!! We are risking our lives.

This photograph was taken on Thanksgiving day. My husband and I both decided to work, giving up time with our family so the community would be safe.

Think before you speak. Your words could promote deadly actions.

WE BLEED BLUE! All lives matter”

Brittany said she was compelled to post it after a local business owner had posted hateful comments about law enforcement. In an interview with News 12, Brittany also revealed that she got into law enforcement after her mother was murdered when she was 3 years old.

Since her post has gone viral, she’s received positive and negative comments on social media. Some negative people have gone as so far as to tell her she deserves to be shot in the head, just for being a cop. But she has also  received an outpouring of support and positive words.

Brittany’s message is certainly one more people should take the time and think about.  It serves to remind us that there are many in the  law enforcement community who are compassionate and brave individuals with families of their own.

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