Cancer-stricken Young Man Reunited With His Missing Pit Bull

This family reunion made my week! Sebastian Delgado, 22, is battling a rare form of brain cancer and lost his beloved 10-month-old Pit Bull, Maiden, on March 14, 2015. Maiden had been staying at a family friend’s house in Riverside, California and snuck out through an open gate at the home. Delgado was devastated by the news. The young dog has been his constant companion and helped him get through his treatments.

His girlfriend, Monica Tomer told ABC 7 News that the first thing he asked her when he got out of brain surgery was “Where’s Maiden?” “He could hardly talk or say his own name, but he remembered his puppy,” she told the news station.

The family called all the local shelters and rescue groups, put up posters and contacted their local news outlet, ABC 7 for help. Their efforts paid off after a woman with the Riverside Police Department saw the news about Maiden and recalled that her friend, Valarie Patacky, had picked up a friendly Pit Bull off the streets.

Patacky had seen Maiden wandering close to the street on the day she went missing and was concerned for Maiden’s welfare. She had stopped her car and as soon as she opened her car door, Maiden jumped right in.

Patacky immediately contacted Delgado, and the happy reunion was quickly arranged. Teary-eyed Delgado had Maiden back in his arms 3 days later!

Delgado updated all his supporters on his Instagram page thanking everyone for their help and said, “Maiden is now microchipped!!!! Thanks again for all the support and prayers that helped me to find my baby…dogs aren’t just pets they are family I hope everyone can continue to help support and pray for all other lost dogs that can reunite with their family.”

According to ABC 7 News, doctors expect Delgado’s cancer to come back, so it’s even more heartwarming knowing Delgado will have his best friend by his side.

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