Man Could Have Driven By The Lost Dog On The Road But Chooses To Help Instead

A man was driving down the road when he came upon a lost dog. What he chose to do next is something we should all think about.

“Of course going up to a stray dog is not recommended but the location and size of the dog meant it was only a matter of time before it got hit, possibly injuring people and killing the dog,” WelshDrive wrote under the video.

He decided to get out of his vehicle and as soon as he did, the dog ran into the road to greet him and rolled onto his back for a belly rub. A sure sign the stray was probably a family’s lost pet.

The dog was uncertain where to go and looked like he was going to wander into traffic, but WelshDriver ushered the dog to the side of the road and then called police to alert them.

“Eventually the dog ran up to the owner’s home 800 yards away and all’s well that ends well,” the man wrote.

As to why he shared the video, he did it to encourage people to do the same if they see an animal on the loose.

“If you take anything away from this video please let it be, treat animals as you would treat humans, they have every right to live and be treated well just the same as you and I,” he wrote. “If you see a dog running loose on the road don’t ignore it, be that guy/girl and save it, it really doesn’t take much.”

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