Man Confronts Guy Trying to Steal Canada Goose Gosling From Its Parents In Park

Many families enjoy watching the goslings of Canada Geese that are born and raised around Stanley Park’s Lost Lagoon in Vancouver, BC. But one man took things too far when he tried to steal a gosling from its mother.

Fortunately, a Good Samaritan intervened to save the baby bird! YouTuber FuelRodZone was enjoying a walk in the park when he overheard two guys talking about taking one of the baby geese.

It disturbed him, and wanting to make sure nothing happened, he turned around only to see the men actually carrying through with their plan!

YouTuber FuelRodZone writes in the video description:

“5/4/18 As I passed these two guys I heard one say he was going to take one of the baby geese home. I kept walking for a bit, but turned around because I had a feeling he was serious. I saw him scaring the parents off and approach and grab one and take it back to his bike. The rest is on camera.”

It is, of course, illegal to disturb the wildlife, and had the men been caught by authorities they would likely have faced fines.

Thank goodness the man decided to take things seriously and acted! Watch the confrontation in the video below.

Note: video contains strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.