Man Builds His Beloved Border Collie A Dog Cabin In The Backyard

When David Connolly had a few weeks off work recently, he took the time to do something extra special for his dog, Maya. He built her a dog cabin with all the trimmings!

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The delightful project features a “log cabin” layout with a deck, sloping roof, and window to look out of. There’s even a comfy doggie duvet inside to lie down on.

Connolly wrote on Facebook that he build the “dog cabin” for his “spoilt doggy Maya” and shared pictures.

Of course it helps that Connolly runs his own business building fences and decks in Northern Ireland and has all the carpentry and construction skills required to make an extraordinary dog house for his beloved dog.

I love how there’s even a little red letter box on the fence.

The dog cabin has a whole lot more amenities than meets the eye. “It has an insulated floor, porch, night light and a small heater as well, for the winter time,” Connolly told The Dodo. He also raised it off the ground and to a particular height so she can socialize with neighbors. It’s at a height “so as when she is lying inside her bedroom or on her balcony deck she can see over the top of the fence at passersby” he said.

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Maya just loves sitting inside the cabin, especially on rainy days and looking out the window.

Connolly shared, “Maya loves her duvet days especially if it’s raining like it is today!”

Connolly also recently gave the structure a stain finish to better withstand the weather and give it a more rustic color (Crown Antique Pine Woodstain, in case you were wondering)!

The cabin isn’t used by Maya all that much. Most times, Maya accompanies Connolly to work but for the days she can’t come along, she loves to be outdoors and the cabin is a way of making her as comfortable as possible. But she never stays outside overnight; Maya always stays in the main house after dark and when Connolly is home.

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