Mama Bear Relentlessly Chases Black Bear Up Tall Tree In Incredible Video

A mama brown bear chased a black bear up a tree to protect her cub, despite the black bear posing no threat. In this incredible footage, a brown bear sow smells a “jet black boar and charges down a hill to scare him off.

“She moves like a freight train down the steep hillside, chasing him up a tall pine tree,” the videographer who witnessed the stand-off, wrote in his YouTube description.

The mama bear attempts to reach the frightened black bear several times, scaling the 200 foot tree with ease. She’s so relentless in her pursuit that she knocks the branches off the tree until there are barely any left!

Meanwhile the black bear dare not move and clings on to the top of the tree for dear life.

Apparently, the tense stand-off continued for around 27 minutes until the female bear finally returned to her cub, at which point the male bear gingerly scaled back down the tree and ran away.

The video below features highlights from this rare wildlife event. What an amazing thing to have seen.

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