Loyal Dog Pushes Man In Wheelchair In Heartwarming Video

Dogs show us how they are “man’s best friend” every day, and what this dog does for his owner is no exception.

In this heartwarming video, a passerby spotted a beautiful moment of a dog pushing his owner’s wheelchair on a street in Philippines.

The sweet video clips have touched a chord with many people on social media. Misis Faith L Revilla, an MBA student, recorded the incredible scene and shared it on Facebook.

“We felt blessed to have witnessed this extra ordinary sight of an amazing creature helping his master maneuver his wheelchair…” she wrote on Facebook. “I’m out of words to describe my emotions right now,” she added.

She later tracked down the man and his dog and learned the story. According to Metro, the man in the wheelchair is Danilo Alarcon.

He suffered a spinal injury during a motorcycle accident years ago. He couldn’t walk after the accident. His dog, Digong, who has been with him since birth, learned to assist him when they go out.