Lost Dog Never Picked Up By Family At Shelter Has Been Waiting Over 2 Years For New One

Back in 2016, animal control officers picked up a Pit Bull found wandering on the streets. The dog named Lindsy was taken to the Babylon Animal Shelter in New York for stray hold.

A few weeks later, the shelter received a call from a child who explained that Lindsy was her family’s and the dog had become lost. The girl said she would ask her dad if they could come and get her, but no one every came.

Since then, Lindsy has lived at the shelter. For two years she has been waiting for a new family to see how special she is.

Babylon Animal Shelter

“Lindsy is a sweet girl who shows us that she is experienced at being a great companion. Lindsy wants to be with you, she wants to be where you are, and she wants to participate in what you are doing,” Babylon Animal Shelter wrote on Facebook.

“Lindsy likes to play fetch and willingly brings back especially when a treat is involved! Lindsy is great at catching treats in the air and she is obedient with her basic commands,” they continued. “Lindsy would make a great forever friends for someone who wants to go on walks and have a companion to sit and watch TV with, yet kick up their heels with her here and there.”

Babylon Animal Shelter

It could be Lindsy’s size, her age, or her breed, but the senior dog continues to be overlooked by potential adopters. Being a long-time resident at the shelter also doesn’t help.

“She is not a cute little puppy,” Lyndsey Grosjean, a volunteer at Babylon Animal Shelter, told The Dodo. “The older, larger ones just don’t get the attention they deserve from the public. Plus, now that she’s been there for so long, people think there is something wrong with her, when there is not. The long-timers get a stigma about them.”

Babylon Animal Shelter

Lindsy isn’t too stressed or sad at the shelter, but it’s still not what the staff want for her.

“Lindsy never has bad days,” Kristin Siarkowicz, an animal control officer at the shelter said. “She is always tail wagging and ready for attention.”

Babylon Animal Shelter

Nevertheless, the shelter staff want her to have the stability, love and attention a family can provide. She deserves nothing less.

If you think you can give Lindsy a home, contact the shelter for details.


After years of waiting Lindsy has found a home! Babylon Animal Shelter wrote:

“Who remembers Lindsy? Look how amazing she is doing in her new home. She couldn’t have a more loving and happy family as well as a most dedicated rescue to check in on her. Thank you Noel’s Dream Bully Rescue for giving her a life back again!”

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