Rescuers Race To Save Kitten Trapped In Chimney For 3 Days

Hope For Paws received an emergency text that a stray kitten had gotten stuck in a chimney. Animal control had come and said there was nothing they could do. With the tiny baby stuck for 72 hours inside, Eldad Hagar just hoped they could get to the kitten in time.

They had to break a wall to get to the little guy, but miraculously he was still alive, but just barely. Watch as they race to save Cricket.

While at the vet getting treatment Cricket met Napoleon – another recent kitten rescue of theirs. Napoleon was saved from a busy highway. You can watch Napoleon’s rescue in the video below.

It’s so amazing that these two kittens are both alive. And what’s even more wonderful is that the people who called to get help for Cricket ended up adopting both cats! Please share the happy endings for Cricket and Napoleon with your family and friends.

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