King Cobra Tries To Pursue Child Inside Home But Grandfather Sounds Alarm

A family in Soc Trang, Vietnam had a close call with a King Cobra when the snake caught sight of their toddler and sped towards it.

A grandfather, father and son were in their front yard when grandpa spotted the 2-meter (6.5 feet) snake. He immediately alerted his son to grab the boy and the trio flee inside. But as you’ll see in the video below the aggressive cobra decided to pursue them right to their front door and looks like its trying to get inside!

The man’ daughter (and wife and mother) explained what happened in more detail on ViralHog:

“There was a 2-meter king cobra slithering into my house when my son was playing his toy in the front yard. The man who was standing is his grandfather. As the grandfather has just recovered from a stroke, he couldn’t react quickly; he saw the snake slithering and he shouted out loud in order to call my husband to rescue the kid. Luckily, everyone is fine!”

It is lucky that everyone is all right because the snake is very fast and seemed unnaturally intent on catching some prey.

Said one viewer, “Wow didn’t expect it [the snake] to be that fast and agile based on the old man’s reaction when he initially spotted it. Good thing the younger guy was there for both him and the baby!”

“Good thing there is someone attending/watching the child,” said another viewer. “It is so amazingly different in other areas of the world. We can leave a baby outside in a contained area, literally unattended, without any such fear like that! But we always have someone “around”…but they could easily be reading a book…or more likely on their cell phone.”

Thank goodness grandpa is so observant and raised the alarm in time!

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