K9 Saves Deputy’s Life After He Is Ambushed By Three Men At Roadside

A K9 saved his partner’s life when the officer was ambushed by three attackers intent on killing him.

Deputy Todd Frazier was on patrol with K9 Lucas in Pearlington, Mississippi on Monday when Frazier saw a car at a deserted rest stop. The driver of the blue Lincoln Town Car wasn’t moving so Frazier went to check on him, said Sheriff Ricky Adam of the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department. That’s when two men stepped out from the shadows and surprised the deputy.

Adam told ABC News that “one cut him across the forehead with a razor, one choked him, and one grabbed his legs to carry him to the edge of the woods.”

The men intended to kill the deputy and dump his body in the woods. Fortunately Frazier was able to hit a button around his neck that released the back door of his patrol car and freed K9 Lucas.


K9 Lucas of the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department

The black Belgian Malinois sprung into action and bit the attackers, who then tried to flee to their car. Lucas was hanging on to the leg of one of the attackers and as result suffered a few chipped teeth and bruises to his shoulder.

He was covered in blood that turned out to be from his assailants because he managed to get in some serious bites before the men ran off.


Deputy Todd Frazier (left) and K9 Lucas (right)

“Deputy Frazier is a good deputy and takes his job seriously. He is also an excellent dog handler – he trained Lucas himself,” Adam said. The three suspects remain at large. Frazier also suffered bruises and a gash on his forehead but is expected to be okay thanks to K9 Lucas!

Who knows what would have happened to Frazier if Lucas had not been there!

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