Man Captures Fascinating Look At Hornets Hunting Wasps In His Own Garden

Many people think of wasps and hornets as pests and nuisances but don’t take the time to take a closer look at their behavior or learn much about them. But a German nature filmmaker with a passion for animals wanted to take a closer look at the behavior the animals in his back yard and took fascinating footage of wasps and hornets interacting in his back yard.

He described his video as follows (via ViralHog):

“During the last summer I dealt extensively with the cinematic documentation of the social wasps. The pictures were taken in my own garden in the Eifel [mountains] in Germany.”

“I was able to capture many interesting behaviors in the video: hornets hunt wasps to feed their brood. Yellow jackets and paper wasp fight each other. The animals in the body care and in slow motion in daring flight maneuvers.”

“Like all other species, they function in the most complex ecosystems and are important links in a fabric of hundreds of thousands of species and dependencies. While we believe that we need to regulate it aggressively, we have consistently demonstrated that we are not capable of understanding these nested systems.”

This video sheds a bit of light on their complex behavior and it’s as savage as it is fascinating. It certainly will make you rethink the notion of wasps as only predators.

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