Homemade Tennis Ball Firecrackers Pose Threat To Dogs

If you come across an abandoned tennis ball lying on the ground, be very, very careful about picking it up. Police are warning people and pet owners about a firecracker threat that puts dogs (and children) in harm’s way as we approach the 4th of July holidays.

Apparently, people are turning tennis balls into homemade giant firecrackers. It’s both illegal and dangerous, but some people have found these tennis ball “bombs” lying around their neighborhoods. One dog died after his owner found one and picked it up and threw it for his pet. The ball exploded in the dog’s mouth and he had to be euthanized. The nasty balls can also be dangerous to people too.

Authorities are advising people to be careful if they find a stray tennis ball and to not let your dog touch it until you’ve had a chance to check it for signs of tampering. To be on the safe side, always bring your own ball to the park and when out on a walk.

Watch the newscast report below for more about this troubling problem.

Please share this message with your friends and family and stay safe for the holidays.

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