Heroic Man Scales Apartment Building To Rescue Toddler Dangling From Balcony

Mamoudou Gassama was on his way to meet friends at a local restaurant to watch a football match. He saw a lot of people yelling and shouting and got out of his car to see what was going on. That’s when he saw the child in danger.

He ran over while thinking of ways to save the child and opted to climb up the four stories. Thank goodness he did, as he was able to reach the 4-year-old quickly.

Video of his heroic act has quickly gone viral worldwide and he’s being called a real-life Spiderman. Here is video of the rescue:

Further footage has been released on various news channels.

Many news channels are mentioning that the 22-year-old hero is a recent Malian migrant who arrived in France a few months ago.

Monday, Gassama was invited to meet French president, Emmanuel Macaron, who told him that he will be rewarded for his “exceptional act” with papers to legalize his stay in France and citizenship if he wants, and a job as a firefighter.