Gymnast’s Flawless Performance Of Her ‘Michael Jackson’ Routine Wows Judges And Crowd

Entering the 2018 Pac 12 Championships, UCLA gymast Katelyn Ohashi was ranked #2 gymnast in the United States, but when she walked onto the floor to perform her routine she was determined to win.

Just before she begins, the announcers let everyone know that although she’s achieved several perfect 10s while on the college circuit, she’ll need to a achieve a 9.6 score or higher for her to win.

As music from Michael Jackson begins, Katelyn begins to tumble, flip and twirl on the mat. Her teammates are watching her every move and cheering her on and when she finishes her routine with an incredible drop into splits, the entire audience goes wild.

As soon as Katelyn wrapped up her performance, the entire UCLA gymnastics team rushes onto the floor to give her hugs. And when the judges announced her score of 9.950? Well, of course the crowd goes wild once again.

Take a look at Katelyn’s winning routine in the video below.