Grizzly Bear Charges Kayaker While He Is Rafting Down A River

A group of rafters got a big surprise when a grizzly bear charged into the white water in front of them. While heading down the Elaho River near Squamish, B.C., the rafters suddenly see a young bear run directly at a kayaker in the river in front of them.

“Rafting trip. A dead elk had been on an island between channels. Mostly ravens and turkey vultures until that day. The Grizzly sized up both rafts and decided to bluff charge the safety kayaker until it got too deep,” the video maker shared with ViralHog.

Grizzly bears are excellent swimmers. They often fish at rivers for salmon. In this incident, the young bear might have been trying to scare the kayaker away from the carcass – bears also are scavengers and will eat dead animals they find.

Fortunately, the waters were quite deep and strong so the kayaker was able to paddle past the bear relatively quickly. It looks like the rest of the rafting group made their way past the bear without problem.

Watch the encounter in the video below.

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