Gorilla Tenderly Checks On Injured Bird

A gorilla tended to an injured bird that fell in his enclosure at a zoo in New South Wales, Australia, recently. The visitors caught the touching moment on video.

In it, the gorilla approaches the bird lying on the grass and leans in next to it for a closer look. He then gently touches the bird, as if trying to get it to move. The bird flutters its wings but doesn’t fly away.

The videographer wrote:

“While visiting the gorilla enclosure at the zoo, one of the gorillas noticed an injured bird. It walked over to the bird and tried very gently to get the bird to fly away. When the bird didn’t fly away, the gorilla walked away without ever harming it. It was amazing such a big animal could be so gentle.”

After the gorilla walks away to join his friends a woman in the video says “How awesome was that?”

Gorillas are often referred to as “gentle giants” with emotions and compassion similar to humans. And this tender moment certainly highlights that.

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